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script-archive by jakobi

various UNIX scripts and configuration examples

A small archive of 20 years of Unix and Linux Lore: programs and scripts with a slight flavoring of configuration scraps and notes. The commands in the archive work with Linux (unless noted differently) and quite likely were also used in earlier incarnations on various Unix versions (requirements: perl>=5.6, at least one of ksh93/bash. Drop me a line if I should take a look at a specific unix version for some of the scripts).

Archive Access

The full documentation tree is available here. Its main page also includes the filelist with short descriptions and links to the archive subsections in the git web view. Please use the web view to view or download individual files.

Wiki and a basic issue tracker are also linked from the git web interface of the archive.


Mostly independent Unix/Linux programs and scripts.


Mostly independent scripts, otherwise just place configuration and prerequisites into the same directory in your PATH.


mostly GPL v3


Peter Jakobi (jakobi(at)




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