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Peter's Script-Archive - some scripts for Firefox

Some firefox command line support scripts addressing usage deficiencies of firefox. Usable to e.g. load all bookmarks from a number of bookmarkfolders (have firefox or firefoxstdin invoke firefoxgrep...) . In a pinch, the scripts below also offer a low level method to diff/copy a few changed bookmarks.

As I'm using the command line rather than just mouse & GUI, these scripts are life-safers and necessary to make firefox properly usable for me at a mere 'works-for-me' level. As such, this set of scripts is more of a raw concept example for firefox shell integration rather than a proper finished releasable script. That said, if you've a shell related firefox pet-peave, I'll gladly have a look at it :).

See also: For a better generic approach to control firefox, consider e.g. perl-javascript bridging code like the Perl Interface to MozRepl (MozRepl itself), Corion's recent WWW::Mechanize::Firefox (should allow hacking a javascript-conscious wget-clone), or e.g. Selenium.

To use a tk-style approach to build a javascript-DOM-style user interface for a server script, consider e.g. XUL::Node.

Note that the firefox wrapper should be rewritten in perl with firefoxstdin folded into the code. Currently the two scripts call each other for a number of functions... . But that's what you get with works-for-me examples :).

Some remarks:


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