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Peter's Script-Archive - Backup

I probably have the usual number of scripts for backups from single-instance tarballs to dd to incrementals to rsync-style hardlinked snapshots with support scripts like xfer_backup.diff to diff, echo or ls a file in the backup relative to $PWD or the specified file.

The scripts need a rewrite and some effort to generalize before release; then again, they've been working reliable for years now and I'm loath to change them without some additional 'benefit' or interesting major feature (like e.g. root-less backup - but that way's more effort than interest...).

If you also use a filelist based backup, expanfind may be of interest, as you can pipe find results to expanfind, have expanfind grep that list for interesting files, and then expand the grep results by adding any result-related file to the list. The name is a play on expansyn, as expanfind does indeed something like synonym expansion for filenames (the script still contains some profiling comments comparing various code variants - with some interesting conclusions wrt performance).

Example: find / | expanfind -tag rpmsave will return the list of rpmsave and all files that 'share' a similar prefix. Also useful for backups of modified configuration files (just copy FILE the original to FILE.TRACKED, and expanfind -tag TRACKED now 'tracks' FILE*).

Recently I've read about ccollect, which might be a suitable substitute for my own filelist-based rsync snapshot script (which is the major non-glue portion of code within the backup scripts), as it also seems to be list-based - at the very least it supports exclusion.


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